Dumb questions.

DQ 1: Why do people turn their cars off while stopped at traffic lights? Is this some crazy petrol saving initiative? Am I the only one that notices?

DQ 2: Why do people run riser bars upside down?

1: a lot of modern cars actually do this automatically. Mercs, bmws, a few jap cars etc. They start again very quickly when the accelerator is pushed.

2: cos they dumb.

When do I get trading access?

Alot of modern cars have a feature where they turn themselves off once stopped. As soon as the clutch/accelerator is pressed again it starts them up. It’s a fuel saving feature and the engines are tuned to handle the constant start-stop

Bars upside down because aero right?

and he scored the bars off an awesome DH P Far (apparently)

Beaten by everyone**

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coz sad.

Thanks! I assumed it was a modern car / fuel saving thing. I’ve never noticed the makes of the cars, but I reckon I’ve seen a few Mercs do it.

I asked the same thing in the car thread a while back, so you weren’t the only one wondering doltan.

another oddity I noticed around then was cars parallel parked with their kerb side park lights on. Markee tells me that euro cars do that if the indicator is left on when the ignition is turned off.


Yep, VWs are the most noticeable culprit for this for some reason. It’s whichever way the indicator is positioned, that side parking lights will stay on. Takes getting used to the first time you drive a VW. Will have to check if our Skoda does it too.

can’t be good for the battery…

Yeah, I dunno. They’re designed to be left on overnight in snowy areas so people don’t run into your car. My sister’s neighbour keeps leaving them on in his VW Transporter and never needs a jump start, so maybe they only run at a very low battery draw or something. I know I left them on in my 70’s Passat and old GTI a few times and never had an issue.

ah ok, fair enough. I knew they were a safety thing, but I always seem to see them on poorly parked cars & secretly hope their battery will be dead when they return. no such luck ay…

I’ve driven a Subaru and a Citroen with that feature, very odd. Fortunately you can turn it off easily.

I’m all for it if it lowers emissions etc. you’d get used to it soon enough.

edit - be awesome if trucks & buses had that feature, nothin worse than bein stuck at the lights inhaling that shit.

My car has the start/stop function, it can be annoying as it has caused the car to stall sometimes when at lights in the past. But it balances out with the savings in fuel.

Yep! But given I was only driving those for a couple hours (they were not my cars), I got lazy.

I ran mine upside down to get a lower position on my MTB. It’s pretty common to run flat or upside down riser bars on competitive XC rigs as it can be hard to get a low, aggressive position on a 29er.

Q1 - will burn through starter motors quicker, and those things’ll be exy and packed with embodied energy eh. And idle burns bugger all anyway. Seems gimmicky ATMO.

Q2 - MikeD’s bars feel rad