Dumb t-shirts

Just had a flip through the latest Probikekit catalogue- geeze there are some terrible t-shirts for sale, using every cycling cliche:

Check out the time trial feel good one on the left!

agreed, they are terrible.

I’d rather wear this:

cycling related shirts are always terrible

When I see an adult wearing a cycling t-shirt, I do despair for the future of the human race.

Apologies to H.G.Wells.

i very much like the t-shirt i got from anticoast. it has a bike on it…

Anticoast - Limited edition Chain Trackbike

Great, so I look at the first post and puke. Notice diddy’s and cry and now alexander has given me an epileptic fit.

If you’re into fitting uncontrollably while crying and vomiting, this thread is awesome.

I like my Cycle Jerks tee. I also had a Circle Jerks tee back in the 80’s.

Cycle Jerks logo is a winner for sure.

loving the ball sacks.

you revived a 4 month old thread to say you love ball sacks?

Bet he loves being banned too.

dammit chaz, i’m trying not to find more laffs to add to my signature!

Just to add to this (despite its age)…

Girls’ tshirt at uni the other day, typical black and silver sequin deal with ‘Brush over me, time is 85/91 Drug!’

Customs need a grammar officer for imported goods.