dunlop volleys in berlin

ive been wearing black globe shoes for five years now (1 new pair a year), and i’m reaching a new low in my financial resources, and i need a pair of shoes. i only like black shoes, of the informal genre. so i just noticed dunlop are doing black volleys. anyone seen them for sale online?

RHINO, how do you feel about black volleys? is it… sacriligious?


Black Volleys? That’s what the girls at my primary school used to play netball in, if I recall correctly.

i never played girls netball in school, so i wouldnt know… :wink:

they have volleys with velcro straps as well. no laces to get caught. though not as cool.

for those who forget (or never learnt) to tie laces!

Girls’ netball was the place to be: sweaty women leaping around, short skirts flying. I wasn’t just a perv, I did actually play a few games.

re: black generic shoes - black lace-up volleys are good, but maybe a little on the cold side for Germany. They are great for climbing things though, just in case you need to climb your way out of trouble. All up, I’m giving the black volley 4 stars.

Black volleys are uber cool, and they do reside in my arsenal of volleys!! You can get them on e-bay quite often, but easier for me to just get some and send them over.

I was a vans and orchid lad for a long time, but when I started to ride trials I needed a more flexible shoe.