Dura Ace 7400 on some frame

TVT 94 racer (eBay item 320731416670 end time 26-Jul-11 15:22:52 AEST) : Sport

Er…isn’t $700 an absolute steal for this?

I might put in a bid…

mmm carbon alloy lugged the same as giants early stuff.
$700 is a bit rich

^ Fair enough. Looks nice though (probably due to the lo res, out of focus images.)

If the group and wheels are in good condition its not a bad price, these alloy lugged frames are underrated…

But why put in a starting bid at $700 when its $700 BIN?

Bloody oath I’d buy that, but due to my latest purchase and saving for the big one, I cannot…my financial advisor is geeting to that grey area of tracking my bike purchases, not good.

I thought it was a good price, but I have a few other irons in the fire that are more pressing right now.

You’re joking right?

how easy to break are these things?

No. They get a bad rap and there is talk of them “breaking” but there is little evidence to back it up, and anything can break if it is misused.

They are not fantastic but they were top of the line technology in their day, and the good ones (Alan, Vitus, TVT etc) were well made, and they go for cheap prices because of their general unpopularity.

I wouldn’t want one as a daily rider but I don’t mind them.

Summed up perfectly Coffee.

Sharp, Benny :wink:

glued and screwed…in some instances to prevent tubes evacuating BB shell…I once saw a peugot one (as per Phil Anderson era) in Vern Smith cycles years ago and wish to this day I had the coin to buy it, interesting to see how bicycle construction evolved… these things having carbon main tubes and alloy forks and rear and fast forward to late 90’s ish and we see alloy main tubes and carbon forks and back end…
I think 700 was good buying…

This was better buying:

Bicycle mens road racer | eBay

53 bids- what was it going up in- increments of 50 cents?

yep agreed, some people do themselves or the product they are selling any favours…bikes look a whole better standing up drive side view…
anyone here pick it up?

I was watching it but decided not to buy. Judging from the brake levers it was campy equipped.