Dura Ace AX cranks and Pedals, $180BIN

That’s a good deal! Someone should get these as I can’t afford them:


I put a set of 170 road cranks same as these (Dura Ace EX) in really good condition on ebay about 4 months ago - they sold for $30.

With pedals?

good price me thinks. though you would be pretty restricted in future pedal choices right?

I reckon, but if you like redundant, obsolete shit like I do, they fit the bill nicely.

With pedals and toe clips.

I wasn’t too happy but that’s ebay.

Shit, how did I miss them… oh wait, I was without internet access. That’s a shit price, but as you said, that’s ebay.

I am pretty sure they made thread adapters for the cranks so that you can use other pedals… although they are probably harder to come by than another set of correct pedals

Why on earth did Shimano make the thread non-standard?

Something about there not needing to be an axle through the pedal with the larger threads. Somehow there’s an advantage to it.
I think its on sheldon’s site somewhere.

anyway, it’s been bid on so no longer a “buy-it-now” for $180

The idea was to lower the sole of the foot so that it was in line with the pedal spindle instead of above it.

they are sex.hot i wish i could have them

i’ve got a set of exage triple cranks that have been converted to doubles that have those same pedal threads. it’s got adapters to fit a normal 9/16 threaded pedal. if anyone’s interested, i can advertise them here before i chuck em up on ebay. or if i can sell the pedals without the adapters i might sell the adapters seperately. or whatever. hit me up if keen.