Dura Ace road freehub question- GEAR ALERT!

I probably should ask this in a road-cycling related forum, but since I’m not a member of any I’ll ask here:

If I use a 7800 series rear Dura Ace road hub, they say the freehub spline is unique to that hub only, and that it only works with 7800 and 6600 cassettes. So for instance, I won’t be able to use 5600 cassettes. :frowning:

Then Shimano released the 7850 series hubs (and 7900 series too I think) which went back to the old standard spline pattern.
My question is then, are the 7800 era hubs kind of obsolete now, and too limiting to use? Or is this a non-issue?


Have you tried the angle grinder and welder?

Try forums on www.roadbikereview.com

tons of roadie tech over there - I have seen stuff on the compatibility issues with those ‘special’ shimano 10sp freehubs

Hey thanks CC, I’ll check it out.
Funny how a gear question on fixed.org just gets silence haha!!

no need for that when your hammer is as big as mine…



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