DVD recommendation of the day (DVDROTD)

what: Walk The Line
why: I love Johnny Cash and Joaquin does a good job in my opinion

I like how you started with one that not many people would have seen.

i havnt… nor would i…

what: the rum diary
why: if you liked fear&loathing, you might like this

Not a dvd yet is it?

Can illegal downloads count?

^^ :slight_smile:

so long as its not a shitty cam?

No! Only legit DVDs that I can go and get from my local store are acceptable.

Ps seeing that ‘A Serbian Film’ has been removed from the shelves, you can’t pu t that either!

Reese Witherspoon is hot.

what: Talledega Nights
why: purely because of the Cougar scenes and ‘Shake and Bake’!

should be, considering it came out in october 2011

The Rum Diary DVD RELEASE date | Redbox | When to Rent

WHAT: Man On Wire
WHY: It is exciting, the guy has an awesome accent and I really enjoyed it.

what: Pump UP The Volume
why: the soundtrack is fantastic

What: Batman
Why: Because Batman

I watched Client 9 the Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer yesterday,
It’s pretty good, directed by Alex Gibney who did Enron The Smartest Guys in the Room… Which is my favourite doco of all time.

Watched ‘Bernie’ on the weekend.
Jack Black’s finest and probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.

Holiday viewing:

Die Hard 1. A true xmas miracle.
Coming To America. Holds up really well for a 25 year old movie
Better Off Dead. It’s no Breakfast Club, but it’s a solid second string 80’s classic.

It’s the Casablanca of the 90s.

Return here in circa 30 years and observe my vindication.

What: Lone Wolf and Club: Baby Cart at River Styx
Why: Because it has ninjas, a cute kid, a cute girl and lots of violence

What: The Bicycle Thief
Why: It’s b&w and an Italian classic
(that was NYE for us.)