Dylan's assorted cycles

EDIT: New ride.
I realized the other day that it’s been a year since I’ve been riding fixed, which means that’s just an extra year on the many I’ve been riding bikes.

here’s my fuji track pro:

Aerospoke from user: hermes,
there’s crabon centaur cranks on there
fyxamatosis chainring
cheapo alloy risers
and some selle italia seat (kickes the arse or my bonty racelite)
frame’s a bit too big for me, but when i measure it up it’s 54 (it says it’s 58, i don’t know what to beleive)
Feels good man.

I was riding this conversion for a while.
With my b43 on it, and pretty much everything that is on the fuji now.

I need to buy some more stuff to get it rollin’, but my coin keeps getting wasted on bmx shiz.
Grabbed those wheels from user: J.K.L.P and the cranks from user: sa_r
I got the frame from a guy from tradeschool. His name’s Jimmy, and he’s an upholsterer. If anyone knows him, tell him I said hi :slight_smile:

speaking of bmx, my '86 diamondback silver streak.

Those are original tuffs, the rear from the early 80’s (before screw-on freehub)
I rode it in the open category for ‘dirty deeds urban cyclocross’. I came dead last. But I won an inappropriate bike award, and got cheered a whole lot.
here’s a pic nicked from the almighty Blakey’s flickr

whilst the pic makes me look like I’m in the lead, I’m actually about to be lapped for the fourth time by this fixie-riding character.
Getting new tuffs, tires, and gear ratio before the next race.

first ever roadie:

bought my first fixie to replace this, as I figured it’d be cheaper than replacing my dead tired suntour groupset and wheels.

I also purchased this, well over a year ago, i thought it’d make a sweet conversion.
Lots of shit has happened to it in its time, all learning experiences, and now it’s set up like a single speed cross bike, 'cept my gear ratio’s whacked, cos it’s got carbon track cranks with a 49 tooth chainring on there.
I call it the “eddy schmerckx”

The shed which it is photographed in has many more bikes.

There’s a giant warp, a bunch off old bmx’s (one of them’s an alloy Haro) and a bunch of dirt.

I could also post a pic of the bike I built for my little brother, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ‘post someoone else’s ride’ in the 'post your ride section.

Hope you enjoy looking/commenting/trolling :stuck_out_tongue:


Got this for $100
Stuff’s in pretty nasty on there, don’t know if I’m gonna replace the groupset and wheels, and try riding it as a roadie, or knock up some cheap ss wheels and use it as a pub ride.

that bmx is great, I’ve been thinking of adding one to the stable. The number really makes it.

bmx’s are wicked fun dude, but definitely get an oldschool ride!

7/11 sticker on the fuji frame
do want.

farken hell dylan, just been researching bmx’s, pricier than fixies/track bikes!
plus I’m a big dude, 6’4 so I’d need a 24-26" and they attract the big $$$

ill swap ya fuji for my visp!

Dunno how much my bmx is worth, but one can see how someone’s tried restoring the chrome and failed.
I’m scared to try fixing it any more.

Also Hermes, if your ‘visp’ has a pair of carbon campy wheels then maybe I’ll consider it…:stuck_out_tongue:

only got RHO brother!!

do you actually have an Rh+O?
I know you have two rides…

hahaha nah, other wheels on commuter are just velocitys!

Eh? I wanna know what the commuter is though.

in time you will see, it will blow your mind!

I’m expecting some form of amazing Repco beast :smiley:

Or something with MERCKX STICKERS!

New gitane added to the garage, opinions?

Nice gitane, i’d say leave it as is
was it on ebay?

Off my boss’s brother in law.
It is pretty cool, everythings original except for the tape (should be yellow)
It’s the 85 model, only 1 above entry level, so its not too collectable or anything, and the paint’s in bad condition.
I’mm gonna have to put a longer seatpost and shorter cranks to get it to ride the way I like it.
Still, frame’s straight, no dents :smiley:

The Giant warp is nuts. Keep it original.

Yeah man, pretty oldschool! But the frame’s been chopped at the post by someone who didn’t know shit bout mtb’s :confused:
Glad I didn’t BUY it.

Shame the frame has been hacked then. Looks like you could still have some fun rebirthing monster though, keep it posted for sure!