Dynamo Hub - Launceston to Hobart, at night!


So, I got my shit together (mostly) and organised a ride. I’m taking my single speed, dynamo equipped roadie along for the gig. Details are as follows:

• Dynamo Hum.
• Launceston to Hobart, at night!
• 220km (unsupported).
• Saturday 14 December 2013.
• Start @ Pizza Pub, Launceston (1900 for 2000 roll-out).
• Finish @ Machine Laundry Café, Hobart.
• Details @ Bottles And Chains (not yet, but soon).

Is this going ahead? As a fellow overnight ride organiser (newcastleovernight.wordpress.com), I feel strongly compelled to attend…

Yes old boy, the Launnie to Hobart shin-dig is ON.

First year, so keeping it simple… Flyer should be done this week. I’ll put details up at Bottles And Chains and on the Bottles and Chains, Shit Yeah Jan Heine, and Audax Tasmania Facebook pages this weekend.

Have a few confirmed riders, couple from Hobart, one from Hobart and another from Melbourne. Would be good to have you along mate.