Dyno Tubeless 700C wheelset - QLD


Ta Pete, watching! Think I’m up TSV way for xmas too

Just beware the iron cross rims. pressure limit is something like 45psi.

Is that only if run tubeless?

iron cross = olympic. it was designed for mtb pressures and weight weenies

also from the stans mouth

‘The Crest and the Iron Cross both do not work that well with road tires and tubes. They will not work at all with road tubeless tires. On the Crest the smallest I would run would be a 28 but the pressure might be limited by the rim to 80psi.
I would recommend the Alpha 340 as it works with road tires and cross tires.’.

I’d use them for low speed, low pressure cx racing, but I’d be leery on a high speed descent. And what’s the point of having a dyno then.

If the price is cheap enough, get them and then rebuild to a different rim at some point, front first if cash is an issue.

I have one Alpha 400 still and it’s been fine, the other survived a car taco and only unsealed a minute later.

didn’t read my post properly didja.

im keen on this wheelset!!

Dyno MTB = Next level beardo