E-bike Suggestions

Looking for an e-bike to suggest to my parents (and others who are likely to enjoy the benefits of them).

However I’m a bit out of the loop on the motor side of things.


This ticks a few boxes (Bosch motor, deore and hydro discs)

Budget 2-3k - any of the e-illuminati able to shed some light on what to look out for?

I think it’s hard to go past a nicely integrated Bosch/Steps/Yamaha factory built.

DIY is almost always a kludgy mess and not that much cheaper, and rarely has torque matching.

Hardest part is avoiding squishy forks or wackadoodle frame geometry. But there are a few out there, and some even have integrated lighting/racks/guards.

eg https://melbourneelectricbicycles.com.au/shop/gazelle-cityzen-c8-hm-step-over/

These almost seem pretty well priced/specced

Thanks HAL - I should have also mentioned that I was aiming for something that avoids mudguards and racks - thus the squishy fork as it’s a bit more similar to the hybrids they are used to.

Will have a look at the links! Thanks again!

Yeah. As Blakey said, stick with mid drive / crank driven models and Bosch and Shimano steps is what I’d recommend as both have service centres in Australia

As a happy owner of a Bosch mid-drive Spicy Curry, I can recommend that setup. Power is great, range is great, integration is great. I use it all the time for kid dropoffs and adventures, and it’s the bike I grab for quick shopping trips and whatnot.

As noted above, any of the Bosch/STEPS/Yamaha systems are really good.

I reckon talk them into getting mudguards, just makes the bike so much more usable (but you know this).

Yep - but these are fair weather cyclists to a tee, and the less that adds weight/noises the better at this stage! Interesting/good to see so many e-bikes are geared towards all weather riding.

Fair enough. Just worth noting that weight on an e-bike counts for about three tenths of fuck all.

a kilo of guards/rack vs the 10+kg of motor/battery and a boat anchor garbage squishy fork?


If its unnecessary than it just is - not arguing about the function and utilitarianism of these things but if they’re not used, they will be perceived to be adding weight. Plus to a 65 year old, getting a kg or two off will help.

Narrator: It won’t.

If we end up buying one with mudguards I’ll give them to you and you can have two sets on your bike.

To be sure, to be sure.