E.Merckx Corsa Extra — Pursuit.

Columbus SLX / 58Sq /
Built in 1996 for a German Paralympian Cyclist — he won 3 Gold Medals that year.

Shi*!! So beautiful that no words can describe! How does it works between a Paralympian and a normal rider? Don’t they have to modified parts?

Hella Balla :wink:



That is insane!!!

so sexy

so effin hot!

now line up those tyre labels!

Damn Straight.

Can’t wait to catch ya rollin around Windsor on it.
Parts list??

sweet. i’d love one of them track frames but reckon my back wouldnt be happy with the idea.

This is goin’ straight to the pool room bike pr0n folder.

Spence pays you too much

Already in there.

(parts list? rims especially)

Everything about this bike rocks! You should be very pleased. How did you come by the frame?

A1 mint

How did you get your hands on it?

got it built!

polished B43’s or H plus sons by the looks of it??

needs shamals tho :wink:

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing!

what a build :-o
not too over the top, nicest bike I’ve seen in quite a while
the top tube angle doesn’t look toooo bad either


Parts list. As requested.

Frame — 58x58cm E.Merckx Corsa Extra — Pursuit (Columbus SLX)
Wheel Set — Phil, High Flange to H Plus Son (polished by M.r Sparkles). Phil lockring, Kookie Bikes Cog / Continental Ultra Gatorskin
Saddle / Seatpost — Selle Italia Turbo, Pink (NOS) on Campagnolo Super Record
Crank / BB — Campagnolo C-Record Pista / Izumi Chain
Pedals — Campagnolo Chorus
Stem / Bar — 3ttt E.Merckx Pantographed stem / B-Witch Riser
Headset — Campagnolo Chorus

I’m still looking out for a ‘Shamal’ set — the pink will be just hipster enough to let me rest.

fucking awesome!