Early Friday Timewaster

Euclid: The Game


The only Euclid I like is Campagnolo:

Up to Level 5, but now all I’m trying to do is draw HMC’s avatar

Win. Up to level 8 so far. Gonna show this to my son tonight.

Just started level 10

Played straight through 1-12 yesterday.

Attacking the rest soon.

compass x straightedge power.

I tried stage one I got stuck on the equilateral triangle.

so, hit lvl 20, finished puzzle, but no more lvls.

sad panda

the h stands for hypotenuse!

on lvl 20 no moar levels = reduced motivation now :frowning:

I got stuck on Level 11. Fried my brain.

Finished it last night after a bit of help on 20.
I wanted to retry at work but it doesn’t work on IE v8

Done… now what? o_o

You can explain to me what the fuck I’m meant to do…

Drag the whatsit to the line and make a point. Repeat