Early Kinglake ride, Tues or Wed morning?

i’m in. i made some calls and am gonna work saturday instead of wednesday. woooo!


Only if it’s white and you can see pubes through it…

So ya going pay on the SS Brendan?

It’s ok brendan. You don’t need permission to ride in lycra.

Awesome sounds like this will be a good ride

You guys are out of control. Training for Cannonball - pffft.

I’m … ah … training for my 7.30am west east job up collins street hill ?

And seeing if my POS frame will stay in one piece :slight_smile:

Why don’t you come on the pistake george!

well he got given a freewheel today…

We need to stop at a KFC at 10am when they open so I can get breakfast!! :slight_smile:

The last time I was on a bike was racing the 16"ers at the BBQ weeks ago.

Perfect! I’ve ridden like twice since the 2nd of December :slight_smile:

Brendans been doing 700kms a week!

I don’t know about you guys but I’ll be on holidays and taking it VERY easy.

I can’t come Wed, working as usual.

Holidays on the Cannonball ya mean? I hear ya bro.

As I said, I’ve ridden about 4 times in the last month and will be happy to watch people ride off into the distance. I know where I’m going and am happy to cruise. Backing up 200kms day after day is a hard task if you’re smashing it.

I was planning on taking a deck chair to wait for towes from trucks up the hills :slight_smile:

Worked for me.

+1. i’m in no freaking hurry.

well, not on this ride.

Nice day for a 140+km ride through the hills!
I was so stuffed it feels like some of my soul was left out there. Gotta get some more k’s on the road!!

Thanks boys, and Sarah :wink:

Yea it was a good ride, I left a bit after Whittlesea though.

Yeah considering that when you left it was perfectly dry and warm around the next corner. A fat guy on a mountain bike was riding up the hill. We didn’t even need arm warmers or a newspaper.

I’m officially scratched from Cannonball.

Not enough minibike training rides?