Early Kinglake ride, Tues or Wed morning?


Anyone interested on coming along with me on a SS / Fixed ride from East brunswick or so out to Kinglake, then probs down to St. Andrews and back in? (about 115km)

Would leave earlyish, maybe 7 or so?


damoh also mentioned a wednesday kinglake ride. let’s make it happen…

tuesday is good for me. working wednesday.

good one. i got something on at 1 tuesday - reckon we’ll be back by then?

Damoh and I are doing Kinglake Wed. Keen for an early start too. We are going to leave from my place in Kew (not Fed [ ] as per link).

Corz do you have a route planned? I choose <a href=“Google Maps”>this</a> one, wadayathink?

more votes for wednesday. can’t you switch work sarah?

Another vote for Wednesday. Got to race on Tuesday. Can we make the meet time a little later, it sucks living 30km from you guys, besides it’s holidays. If not can we stop for breakky in whittlesea

7am is fine with me. I have made arrangments.

I had a route that was similar, I don’t mind as long as we come back down the west route through west heidelberg, because I’ll head straight into La Trobe.

I don’t mind Tuesday or Wednesday, if some guys are going Wednesday but some other guys wanna go Tuesday I can go then, so everyone gets to ride!!!

SS/Fixed right?

Anti-clockwise is the way I was going to go so that would work for you Corz.
I’ve never actually ridden out there before but hear there are a few decent hills so SS may be better. We’re taking the roadies (sorry!).
If people choose to go Tue then that’s sweet, but we’ll still head out Wed 'cause of Track Tue!
I guess we’ll see if anyone else jumps on board today. It’d be great to have you guys along :smiley:

damoh and chris have a point - gotta be fresh for racing on tuesday night! wednesday at 7 at the east brunswick club?

East Brunswick FTW

Roadies!!! McBooooooo, surely you’ve goto test out the cannonball machine Brendon?

Roadies are all part of the grander plan :wink:

If we’re going with the East - West plan then maybe you guys should come via Kew? We can meet on the Chandler Hwy bridge…

P.s. Sorry for the thread/ride jack Corz!

Yeah I was thinking meet at that Valerie st High st intersection in Kew east.

I live like 50m from the East Bruns. Brendan!

Fine, I will slog it out on my welded single speed with a hose clamped bottle holder in awe of uze carbon fiberz

I think I’ll be coming.

corz, i will see you at the east at 7am. we can pick up those kew sooks on the way.

i’m still making up my mind as to which bike i’ll be riding. depends how my legs feel after tuesday night. of course, i haven’t switched my fixie to singlespeed like some…

7am it is!

Haha, do it for me baby

Done deal meet you guys at valerie St and high st kew about 7.20


hey corz, this is a lycra-friendly event, right?