Earn yourself a patch in Hobart, see some sights!

Hi! A couple of mates and I have laid down a loop from Hobart city to the summit of kunanyi-Mt Wellington and back. It should be easy enough for someone who knows how to read a map to follow, and doesn’t require any special transport or super deep local knowledge. We’re hoping that this means people can hike or run to the summit, enjoy the super diverse trails, flora and fauna, get themselves a sweet view or two, all without needing to hire a car to get to the top.

Its about 27km with 1300m of climb and descent, and if hiking it will take most of a day (maybe 6 or 7 hours?). You’d need to be pretty fit to knock it off, and I reckon a bunch of people here would be able.

The super wonderful thing about it is if you can do it, we’ll send you (or just hand over) a patch to commemorate your sweet achievement.

Details are at Kunanyi-Wellington Loop but if you’re not on facebook, let me know here and I’ll send you the GPX file and route description.

This is such a cool idea! Might need to come on down and have a crack at this!

Yeah great idea!
Will have to remember this next time im down that way

Sweet I’m gonna try make it down next year this could be on the cards with my adventure mate

This looks awesome, JP! We are down that way over new years to walk to the SW Track. If we have time I might try to sneak in a run along this track too…