Earning a few extra $$

G’day community,

Random question but I figure that this may be a good way to get some tips/ideas/assistance given the breadth of people on here.

I’m an apprentice electrician. Up until a couple of months ago my working week would consist of the following:

Mon to Friday - Full Time employment through my electrical apprenticeship
Thursday and Friday evenings - work 5 - 930 at my casual job
Saturdays work all day at my casual job.

Apprentice wages suck a fat one (first year was $7.5/hr) which is why I have the casual job on the side. As I’m a ‘mature aged’ apprentice my financial responsibilities force me to have the second job. However, my shifts have totally dried up at my casual job. We have a new manager and I have a feeling my lack of availabilites isn’t working for her and as a result she is weeding me out.

So, my questions is. Does anyone have any suggestions of other employment that I may be able to persue to supplement my apprentice wages. Keeping in mind my availabilites are only after hours and a Saturday or Sunday but not both as I’d go insane.

I’m currently in retail and wouldn’t mind something different.

So far I have:

Bar work, wait staff, or paper route. None of which are super appealing but beggars can’t be choosers.

Any constructive advice would be great!


Local bottle shop or servo you want to work the hours people don’t so you should find something

yeah bottle shop mate.

Bottle Shop / Servo / Fast food shop. As a casual mature age, you should get close to 20 bucks an hour or more at any of those 3.

Im an apprentice electricain too (3rd year). Have you considered changing employers to one that pays the EBA wage? Would be more than double what you are earning now with no need to work any extra hours.

shelf stacker at your local supermarket?


Drug dealer?

FOA moderator?

Yeah… We get paid heaps!

I’m a first year mature age apprentice sparky to. Are you getting/have you applied for the government subsidy for adult apprentices?
i too work a second job in a restaurant bar a few nights a week to make up the shortfall in wages, yes it sucks but its only for a few years then life will be good no doubt.
And like JKLP said maybe hunt the job market for an EBA paying job?

/\ This… there’s lots of employers that will pay a regular wage if you’re any good. Shop around.

Stickem up!!