Easter Alleycat: The Rookie Year of the Rabbit

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Time: Friday, April 22 · 4:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Gardens behind Council House / North East Supreme Court Gardens
Hosted By: Bike Jam, Henry King, Marcus Kocr, Bobby von Bäckerjunge
More Info: MURDER BEACH and the Crooked Kings present:

The Rookie Year of the Rabbit

continuing on from the crowd-pleasing Halloween team Karaoke Cat is the more thought out Easter race. it combines the planned but unannounced Chinese New Year race and the traditional Easter alleycat, this year on GOOD FRIDAY.

start time will be confirmed closer to the date; all depending on the weather.

3 checkpoints/bases and the home meetpoint.

approx 20km, depending on your route.

$5 entry fee. cash and pride on the line.

all vs all.

1st, 2nd and 3rd will get a percentage of the cash tally and the rest of the money will be put to good use with drinks and refreshments (its Good Friday, nothings open, NOT EVEN BUNNINGS!?!), so the more people that you invite and come, the more money you could potentially win.

DFL will also get a prize. its not worth being last though.

traffic should be scarce since its the easter weekend but still:
lights, lids and laughs.

all bikes welcome but remember it’s a race.

See you there!

I made this in 10 minutes on paint:)

should of made it in 20…

Rabbit only has 1 leg lol

well lets not dwell in the past, I acknowledge that my ms paint skills are bellow par and I apologise for any harm I have caused:S.
This event looks good:) hopefully its a good turn out.

bump - this friday @ 6:00pm, Gardens behind Council House!

6.00pm REGO. 6.30pm RACE START - SHARP

needs more shitty promotional posters.

so you racin?

Yeah, might commit.