Easter Monday #epic

Easter Monday, this coming Monday the 6th of April, let us go for a bloody long ride. I’m thinking up to Mt. Mee, down to Samford, up the Goat Track and back home, no idea how far that is, or how long, but it’ll be a big day. 6am from Lifecycle. Who’s keen?

130 kays? I’m in if my Easter plans fall through (more than likely)

how about the glorious/fernvale classic?

can do tmasz, just looking for something different, what other days are you back? can we fit it in sunday? saturday?

If its gonna be a monday thing I could be keen.


Keen as if I can get the felt rolling and have a good #dadlyf night.

:frowning: I’m booked for #dadlyf on Monday but may have Saturday free… pretty sure there’s a thread for that, I’ll go now.

Saturday is my only free day too. Will be heading for west end for some drinks saturday afternoon / night.

at this rate it will be and #epic wash out

Glad I’m not racing this years 24hr out at Hidden Vale.

That mud!

It’s been postponed Geoff.

I’m out of the loop, #dadlyf call from daycare for early pickup of sick Maaike today.

Makes sense, pity those that were travelling for the Oceanias.

I’m out. Friends have invited themselves around “mid-morning” on Monday. Looks like beer and party pies and the Ronde on Sunday night after all.

Looking at a train ride to caboolture before going west to Woodford, heading north to peachester, up to maleny via bald knob road and to flaxton via montville. Montville will be major rations stop, before taking a campvibes stop at kondallila falls which includes a short walk to waterfalls for a sweet dip in the water, before making our way out to mapleton and down to nambour to catch the party train to Brisbane!

Wait out for full info tomorrow.

sounds good