Easter Overnighter

A bike trip from Wyong to Windsor, with an overnight camp in the Watagan Mountains.

The route strings together some of the best roads I know of in the Sydney area. A few sections get steep and rough, so I’d recommend not bringing the carbon roadie.

Day 1 is 77km, mostly dirt roads, 1,300m climbing.
Route map: Wyong to The Basin, Original - A bike ride in Wyong, NSW
Sounds easy, but if you’re not off your bike and pushing for some of the hills I will buy you several beers.

Day 2 is 122km, half dirt/half bitumen, 1,400m climbing.
Route map: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11723398
A little climb at the start, but after that it’s more or less smooth sailing. Lunch at Wiseman’s Ferry.

Start point: Wyong Station, 9:30am, Saturday 26 March.
If coming from Sydney, catch the 7:45am train from Central. This is an all-stations train with space for bikes, unlike the Newcastle train.

Campsite: The Basin, Olney State Forest

Finish point:
Windsor Station, sometime Sunday afternoon.
There are plenty of trains back to Sydney with space for bikes.

What to bring:
Whatever you would normally take on an overnight camping trip by bike. The majority of the ride will be through remote areas, mostly without phone signal, and no support or services will be available.

We’ll call in at Cooranbong on Saturday morning for coffee and snacks. After that it’s just forest until St Albans on Sunday.

The campsite is pretty basic, so for a touch of luxury we’re considering getting some bulk drinking water dropped off. The alternative is Micropur tablets for the creek water. I’ll update this closer to the time.

Feel free to invite others. We’ll try to stick together on the ride, and will stop for flats and mechanicals, but please bear in mind that it’s an unsupported ride and each person needs to be self-sufficient.

And no, it’s not a race. It’s about riding in good company, taking in the scenery, and the vibe of the thing.

Eivind was talking about this over coffee this morning.

Have fun on cut rock road! Tubeless tyres would be ideal!!!

Sounds really good. Would!

I had a chat with him too - he knows a few of the roads around there. Are you in, or over yondering?

Just pop up from Canberra for the weekend!

That’s the “steep” and “rough” bit. At least going up it won’t be as sketchy as going down.

Going down is the best part :slight_smile:

Over Yondering with Esjay but I think we’ll be opening a couple of the rides up to mates.

My little brain is ticking over, trying to figure out how to get along to this… Definitely can’t do the whole thing, but might try to meet at Wiseman’s for lunch then roll home via Windsor. We’ll see.

I can do the first bit to the basin, but will head back to my parents after as I have plans Sunday.
A slight detour before the basin up to mt warrawolong is a must.

All good, got the night booked in. I will probably go MTN biking at Ourimbah in the morning then head up to the campsite. Just need to know how many people are going and I will try & bring enough food & stuff for everyone. I think I have 2 x 20l water tanks, will grab some firewood from Bunnings on the way up, fill one esky with food and another with beers. Sweet! Just hope the campsite isn’t too packed out being Easter & all.

Self-sufficiency is nice in theory but I like your plan a whole lot better.

Will send you a message re: logistics.

Well great…I’ll be up in Cairns. Somehow fate doesnt want me to participate in those kind of events.

Pictures looked great, definitely missed out. Cruising the GBR was very nice as well though.

Anyway, looking into options for Anzac Day, did you guys like the campground and would you stay there again?

I would avoid the campground on any long weekends because of loud bogans.

Just tell them to shut the fuck up.

It’s pretty hard to find a quiet campsite within two hours of Sydney on a long weekend.

Heading inland or south would be better than the Central Coast though. There are loads of great spots, just depends on what you’re after, e.g. a water tank, toilets, riding/walking trails etc. The Findacamp website is great, as is Wildwalks.

Of all the campsites in the Watagans/Olney State Forest I think The Basin is the best, but yeah, we didn’t have great luck with our neighbours.

I’ve got a few ideas for the next trip - priorities are avoiding corrugated roads and finding a campsite we can have to ourselves.

Thanks folks, will consider your thoughts.

There’s a good campsite at the start of wollombi rd where the old great north road comes out before you head down to mongo creek. FYI