Easter Rides

Anyone got any rides planned over the long weekend?

My wife and I aren’t going away and I’ve got free reign to do as much riding as I want really. Would be keen to meet a few new faces and get a few k’s in as I’ve barely touched my roadie since I moved up.

Dircks has organised a bikepacking/camping trip up north of the Hawkesbury if you’re into that sort of thing. Here: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/showthread.php?t=36659

I’m going to roll out from Baulkham Hills sometime Sunday morning to meet the campers at Wiseman’s Ferry pub for lunch, then ride with them to Windsor then head back home. You’re welcome to join me from Baulkho, it’ll be somewhere around 130-150km by the time I get back to my place. Also, there’s some gravel to negotiate, but is easily doable on a roadie if you take it slowish.
Apart from that, dunno.

^ Sounds like an idea Jono. Not sure if i’ll come, but the sentiment is there.

Some of my other mates are going down to the Vic Alps for the long weekend for some riding. I am jealous :frowning:

Sounds very cool, I’ll work out the best way for me to get out to your place whether that be driving etc or riding and let you know

Cool. I have no idea what time they’ll be at Wiseman’s and they probably don’t really know either. My plan was to ride to Wiseman’s then keep going out towards St Albans until we cross paths, then head back to Wiseman’s for lunch.

So as for departure time, I really have no idea. But probably around 9 so that the ride out is leisurely.

Good plan. You’re right - I have no idea what time we’ll get to Wiseman’s, but I can message you when we get back into reception (George Downs Drive) with a rough idea of how we’re going.