eBay forks purchase

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but looking at putting together a new bike and I’ve found these forks on eBay.


(the seller also has a slipping/flat crown forks for cheaper)

Has anyone had experience from purchasing from this guy and what do you guys think about the quality/strength of these forks? I’m not really a thrashing rider, but looking for something at will hold up to my weight.

Thanks for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t answer your question, but I know Gear has some decently priced forks.

Geez those things are rough. Just going on appearances I’d steer clear.


Cheers guys. I’ll check check gear this weekend if I get a chance. I know the appearance (still raw) of these forks don’t look good but being built in Aus, I thought they would be a bit more trust worthy. Just need a paint right? :wink:

Not sure about those ones from cycle dealing. Being from Taiwan, they strength threshold might be a bit weaker :-/

That dude imports heaps of cheap cycling stuff from china, wouldn’t be surprised if these forks were brazed by an 8 year old kid from china missing both his thumbs

Hasn’t done a bad job, then.

Skilled chap he is, probably turns out 100 units per day

It’s not the paint I’d be worried about. The pressed piece of sheet metal that is being passed of for a crown would be my main concern. That and the plumbing pipe used.

that’s what I needed to hear. Thanks for your help!

Hey dude, I had those cycling deal ones, grabbed them when I bent the chrome ones on my pista. Very good, not as heavy as I expected, better made than my pista forks, better offset than the pista forks, $30, brilliant as hell.

Actually, I think I’ve spent too much time in cycling deal within the last year. They’re just so close to home an easy to get to…

They look cheap and shit. My guess is they are cheap and shit.

Someone asked about these forks previously… feedback wasn’t great.

Paolo I got forks for you.

For the VISP or someting else?

Hey Aaron, it’s for a columbus frame I bought from the eBay a while ago. I’ve got it stripped and thinking of getting it powder coated. It came without forks/headset (cups still there), and had thought that these forks would be good to get and get painted at the same time.

What have you got? Looking for 1" threaded. Cheers mate.

what length steerer?

The head tube measure 12.5cm

must be a tiny frame!!!

what’s with you kids and powdercoating shit?

Open to suggestions on getting it painted. Love to leave it raw but wedding doesn’t permit with free flowing dosh… :frowning:

raw + clearcoat