ebay - screwing the small guy

In case you didn’t notice the changes a few days ago…

Seems they figure they can screw us for the same money as the professional listers.

So, fuck ebay off and use the free listings here for all your frames, parts etc. I know it’s tempting to stick it on ebay and go for the big bucks, but given they’re trying to screw more money out of you, let’s help each other out cos the game’s changed.

eBay slugs Aussies with fee rise

Yeah, I saw the article on this.
Fixed.org parts and frame section for the win, if stuff doesn’t sell there, onto gumtree…

In my experience, listing stuff here has often resulted in getting fucked around by people who say they’re interested and then never get in contact again, or who just become difficult to organise. At least on ebay there’s a good chance a sale is actually a sale.

You get what you pay for I spose.

Or you can try the Hong Kong/China approach and set high delivery/handling fees to reduce the final value.

I have always got good prices for the stuff I have sold on this site and gumtree.

I have been royally screwed over on some 0.99c auctions in the past.

What always gets me about selling on ebay is after I sell stuff and collect all my cash I empty my paypal account only to get an invoice a few months later I don’t have money to pay.

This is against their ‘fee circumvention’ policy and you can get your ad pulled. I’ve reported pricks for trying to charge $30 post on a $10 item before.

I’ve had more good experiences selling and swapping through here than bad. If we all make an attempt to utilise the ‘ForSale’s’ here and try and do the right thing by each other, then it can only get better.