Eddy Merckx or Eddy the Eagle?

Not everyones going to like it, the seat and seat post are off the commuter (and will be replaced). Some of the parts are potentially temporary and lots of polishing may still be required.

Color is a bit washed out, the pink is quite deep.

Love it.

Apparently the previous owner spent over a year looking for parts to replicate this photo (Mark Madiot in Paris Roubaix 1991) and gave me the poster. Is it wrong that I put it on the road in just 6 hrs (with the help of a pack rat LBS? I’ve got this great stem (but you can’t have it because it is new in the box, scary)

Hopefully I have understood the feel of the thing (without the deltas). And a lime green computer although that’s not clear in the photo.

So who makes a lime puter now?

that is one great looking rig, interesting when looking at the angles around fork on your bike and in the pic, frame is clearly made for tough belgian conditions, long ish wheel base?
no harm in putting something together in six hrs, I have spent a couple of years putting parts aside for my dream frameand will prob do the same whenever I find such a frame,
What things do you anticipate changing, and what do you hope to change too?

Wicked… and that’s the only bike that could pull off that bar tape too!

I love it.

Can you please post up some more photos?

Some nude shots, I’ll take some more build photos tonight…

what size top tube?

why does the bottom bracket in the ebay pics have two holes, and in the built pictures the frame has a slot the width of the bb?

The two holes are at the front of the BB shell (for the gear cables) and the slot is at the back of the BB shell. But the slot looks like it has a kind of fairing, which obscures the slot from certain angles.

Correct regarding the slot, I assume that the fairing is an attempt to minimise the amount of water that goes directly into the bottom bracket (although it is a sealed unit).

Serial number puts it as made in '92/'93. Frame is 55cm.

Unsure about whether I should remove all the screen printing on the parts? Could readily take it off the cranks and shifters as the printing is well worn. Derailler is also screen printed Veloce 10spd. The Bianchi on either side of the stem is definitely coming off! The 105 on the calipers should probably come off!