Eddy Merckx TT cheap in NZ

wants 500 bin… pretty good price

so tempted

does anyone know if he will post to aus?

now reading as STARTING at $500 not bin

I’m sure BIN price is available to people in auckland who can go pick it up from his place with $500 cash. Not Australians who want a low price then expect it to be taken apart, boxed and arrange international shipping (annoying big time).

Aside from that it would be a fun toy for $500.

further down the page in questions and answers, latest post says buy now 500

but yeah agree with bumnut i think he’d rather sell local for that price…

From experience, post from NZ on a bike is killer. Better if you have friends or relo’s that can pick it up and bring it over for you.

He’s dropped res now down to 400…
Could always ask him to take to local bike shop to dismantle, box and post. Tim at twhitesbikes.co.nz is pretty helpful…?? might cost you bout 150 sent, but thats still pretty good 550ish for that, in NZ dollars…??

cheap as brew

cheaper again now 350… brew

Brew… that’s as cheap as chups!