Egg on my

prized picture of “Rosemary’s Baby” Mia!

Oh… and my hand, knee, shants and t-shirt. Felt like a glass bottle when it hit, and broke the skin over my knuckles… not happy!#? The biggest insult is egg muck all over the duco and shiny new reflective tape :confused: In retrospect I probably could have chased the car for a rego - but was so shocked by the force, pain and noise of the hit, I had to stop for a bit.

So have any of you been hit by an egg tossed from a car? Or is this something that happens only in the trashier “beach” areas.?

I have been hit by an egg before - while rollerblading in Miami. Never happened in Carlton that’s for friggin sure!$% Maybe it’s just me? But before I go and quit my job, sell everything and move back to melbz… how about a poll!


Once…finished a race, and was hit almost straight away by my drunken mates who were cheering me on…thanks Dan!

In my old VW beetle,

Many times through the window as an egg landed!

but on two wheels.


i could see jonny knoxfield liking the idea of being pelted by eggs riding as fast as possible!!

You were wasting everyone’s time though.[/i]

Yeah, I was…all the way to the podium!!

heh sounds like an egg of love :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ve got this whole egg business backward: It was actually like a cheer from the crowd “you go fella!” haha.