Eight Inch Wheelsets

Hi there,
Im looking at the Eight Inch wheelsets and wondering if they are worth the money?
What is the difference between the Tessa, Julian and Amelia?
The Tessa are advertised as they have Weinmann DP-18 double wall rims, does this mean that part of the wheel is straight from some Weinmann’s?

Ps. Before Mods even think about deleting this I have searched alot and cant find answers.

All the differences are listed here. Rim depth, spoke count, hubs etc.

they look similar to the stars wheelsets. some have formula sealed hubs, the cheapies (tessa) have open bearings. avoid.

save your pennies and get some velocities. new or 2nd hand, they’re bulletproof.

the julians definitely look like the Stars rims, heavy.
and yes if they say they’re rebranded weinmanns, then that’s what they are.
do what heavymetal said and save an extra $100 and get some velocity’s off BellsBikeShop or similar US-based ebay stores.
and remember - you get what you pay for

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Im 12 and I was actually looking at buying some Weinmanns because people give them good reviews and they are cheaper then velocities. I am on a very tight budget here as you may have expected.

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