Ekka gravel ride

How many peeps got the Ekka Wednesday off?

Pretty keen for a gravel ride in the am for a few hours.

Any takers, 7ish roll out

Ill let the mappers and data people figure out the route

I’m keen. Will find out what #dadlyf plans are, but should be able to duck out for a morning ride I hope.

I’m keen, how much time we got? If ya’ll want hills we could do Lacey’s Creek Rd -> Wirth Rd -> Byron Creek Rd -> Mt Pleasant Rd.

Laceys Creek Road to Wirth Road. Quiet scenic rural paved road with hills.
Wirth Road. A 4km climb up the range. Dirt road. Closed to motorized vehicle.
Forest Drive. 5km along a shared gravel road following the ridge line of the range.
Jacky Creek Road. Several km of descent. Half of this road is closed to motorized traffic and has some amazing descents to Jacky Creek and Byron Creek. You will get wet.
Byron Creek Road. Several km of shared gravel road through the rainforest.
Chambers Road. A steep 2km descent out of the park on shared gravel road. Care required on some off-camber corners.
Mount Brisbane Road. Quiet scenic rural road (mostly paved) back to start point.

From here (thanks Neil)
MTB Dirt Australian MTB Forums forum - Topic - D’Aguillar / Mt Mee XC Adventure Sat 28 Dec 2013

Laceys Creek - Byron Creek Loop by magictyger at Garmin Connect - Details

I’m planning a recon ride if I get time but I’ll probably ride out to Dayboro and back.

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To be confirmed but yes…. finding out if my students have that day off.

Would this involve a drive out to kick off at 7?

Yeah unless you want to ride 20k from Petrie station, it’d probably be a car deal.

I’m gunna sus it out on semi-slicks to see if it’s do-able without knobbies.

I might come along. I have a few gravel rides up my sleeves still. Most are around the Ipswich area.

Can anyone think of something that doesn’t require a drive into

Ride time 2 to 2:30 but the time we talk and gram etc


turns out i have to work

soooooo im out

sooooo brad start organizing rides post cx season

The only post CX season ride I want to do is 145km of pure gravel with no support. You will have to drive to the start though.


Yeah I’m in for this!


How gravelly are the gravel roads?

there is some gravel

Anymore route suggestions!? rhys most of the stuff I’ve ridden I wouldn’t be keen to do on a roadie with < 28mm.

If all else fails I think I’m gunna ride the start of the BVRT.

On the BVRT,

I saw somewhere (cant remember where) that the Ipswich > Fernvale section has been gated/locked whatever because its not “officially open” so the land owners kicked up a shit or something. I might go check it out on the weekend if i get a chance. Havent had the CX tyres on the CX bike for AGES :S

Saw something similar, but also can’t remember where. Officially open section starts at Wanora, I had read that it was possible to get through from Wulkuraka but that would be what the land owners weren’t happy about.

I did Fernvale to Esk return a while back, up to Lowood is nice trail, up to Coominya (about 20km in) would probably be ok on 28’s. I can’t recall exactly where it started to get rough, think it was a couple of km before Coominya. Coominya through to Esk was variable, probably the worst of it was some harsh lumpy rock sections, no way I’d want to do that on 28’s, it was bone jarring on 35’s.

Andrew and I are pretty keen to head out and ride Ripley to Undulla again. It’s 60km with a bit of climbing at the start/finish but nothing too hard. Last time we meet at 8 and got back just before lunch time. Some of us hit up Hog’s Breath at Springfield on the way home.

Ripley to Undullah - A bike ride in Ipswich, Queensland