electric shock theft preventer


so where do I get a $20 stun gun?

is there any relevant reason that he doesn’t have a shirt on?

i skipped through it as he was giving me the shits.

So you call the bike to activate the stun rather than arming the bike when you leave it somewhere or becoming live itself through the use of an accelerometer or something?
Unless you ran some sort of wire around the bar tape, I would imagine that you wouldn’t actually touch anything conductive while you were riding. Maybe the trick would be to have elctrodes in the bar tape and some sort of sponge on the saddle that the taser is connected to.

The obvious downside of this is if you activated it when the thief was riding away and the shock caused them to ride into the path of an oncoming truck, you would definitely go to prison for a while.



I would prefer some sort of saddle that automatically combusted.

You know, a chunk of lime just under the leather, and a spark and a oxyhydrogen accelerant so the thefts ball sack temperature would instantly raise to 2572°C when his a couple of meters down the street.

He won’t be stealing anymore bikes after that.

Not if you put a warning sign on the bike, then it would come under contract law.

Actually this whole thing would be really funny to watch if the bike was fixed, cause when the tazar goes off the dudes legs would lock up but the bike would want to keep going. Hope he’s wearing a helmet :evil: