Electronic Campag

While we are on the subject of Campagnolo:

Campagnolo Unveils EPS Electronic Systems | Cyclingnews.com

Looks pretty cool.

But price TBA. Gulp.

Can’t wait for Felice at cycling projects to get a gruppo and build him self a sweet new ride!! Pretty sure he’ll let me take it for a little spin around the block…

It’s going to be expensive but I bet you when the mags have a shoot out with di2 they are gona have a lot of nice things to say about it…
The rear mech is a much smarter design that di2s servo motor system, campag patented the hell out of it a long time ago though so that is the reason Shimano isn’t using the lighter, faster and more compact worm drive system.
They claim it’s faster than the mech gruppo, no mean feat, SR11 is pretty bloody fast

Good to see they dropped the record gruppo too… Makes plenty of sense :wink:

Can’t wait for the right up’s of the launch to hit the net in the morning! :smiley:

The time sensitive single press shift to change up to the full 11speeds with one movement sounds real cool, allowing the rider to get ‘feel’ for response and then the system becomes a little more counter intuitive, kind of like finessing a mechanical system. “riders will quickly learn “with their legs and brains” once they use it.” - Lorenzo Taxis
I like the fact that Campy has decided to give it a more ‘clunky mechanical’ feel with louder shifting and more definate changes… still maintaining those key performance differences from Shimano to keep the purists happy, but without selling out and totally dehumanising the relationship between rider and derailleur (ok, well maybe a bit).

P.S. I’m tired, That probably didn’t make too much sense.

Might leave it to you tech-savvy youngsters, I’m still having trouble going back and forth between ‘old’ 10sp and QuickShift on my two roadies…QS still feels too light and quick to my inelastic old brain, I like how ‘deliberate’ the older 10sp feels.


Looks pretty slick… Shifts pretty darn fast too…


I like the look of it,
only thing I don’t like is the control/battery box, I’d prefer if it had a separate battery or a more low profile size that I could build into the frame or seatpost

people were doing that to di2, it is pretty simple electronics so i doubt it would be too difficult to do with campagnolo

This groupset will make you faster, I mean your shifting faster.
Did the speed of a gear change ever make someone loose a race?

Andy Schleck, 2010 TdF.

That had nothing to do with speed, it was just a dumb shift-combo from Andy.

But would it have happened with Di2/EPS?

The issue is that the controls and battery are sealed in an “ultrasonically welded” box that is a shitty shape.

The Di2 is easy to mod cause the brain is in the front deralieur, and the battery is separate so you can more easily make a new battery that is the right shape (ie cylindrical) and hide it in the tubing

No it wouldn’t have, but that’s not the point I’m making.
We all know have accurate the shifting is with electronic, and how you can’t stuff it up, even when mashing and changing the front. But I just think making the speed of the shifting a selling point is kinda BS to me.

not fixed. not interested.

Agreed. Just being a dick.

Cause they fucken can!!

so take to it with a dremel and open it up!

^ totally
Re box the control unit and find a replacement battery set that you can mount in the seat tube…
Not rocket science

How much $$ is that Campagnolo battery going to be again??