Endurance Bars on the track?

I was wanting to know what people are using for the longer endurance races.

I currently just have the Easton EC90 track bars that are for sprint events.

But I want to try something that my hands can be where the hoods would be more like the 3T sphinx bars.

Just to be more relaxed at training and to see if I like them

Only thing is I’m not a fan of the sphinx bar.

Any recommendations?

I have been using the same bars and have been asking myself the same question.

Right now I’m thinking I might try a set of PRO cavendish bars.

They look alright… wonder how stiff they are?

Every single brand will do a shallow drop though that’ll have a comfortable “hood” position. I say train how you race, in the drops.

any road bar…


88 bucks at CC atm:
2012 PRO Vibe Mark Cavendish Signature Handlebar - Competitive Cyclist

I’ll be going with Wiggle since CC only have 44cm bars.

Just check where pro measure there’s
Some companies measure at the drops centre to centre and some outside to outside.

PRO measure all their bars center to center.