Endure - Oh!


Is there a vic gravity enduro season happening? Or just the santa cruz thingo next weekend in Bright?
CG fun day is $450! For a day to hang out with 19 other people and Cedric… thats a lot, and while I’m a fan, I’m not like that. Fly to NZ, hang for a few days in Nelson, fly back for similar cashmoney, I think better spending.

Also, Ourimbah is round one of rollercoaster enduro NSW series… 4hrs from the Can. Anyone ridden the tracks they’re mentioning here: http://www.rockytrailentertainment.com/events/Rollercoaster-location.html ? I guess I’m keen to have a fun day and hang out more than just going for awesome tracks, but would be good to know if theyre awesome or just pretty good.

Thredbo is next… and I can’t believe that the Kosci Flow track is what they’ll use for the enduro… Surely the all-mountain trail too? Anyone in the know? Even living relatively close, I wouldn’t make the trip to hit that flow track a dozen times.

If I need to go hang on rotorburn, thats ok, but i’m keen to hear what you guys are thinking



I’ve ridden the Ourimbah Enduro track a few times - it’s a heap of fun. I was also at Jindy a couple of weeks ago and the Enduro/all mountain track wasn’t totally finished so i guess that’s why they’re using the flow track. Iagree the flow track gets a bit much after a few runs.

Unless you’re super keen to race, i’d just go to Ourimbah on a non race day and ride all the tracks - even the DH is a heap of fun (except for the massive doubles at the end, which are rollable for wimps like me).

Good to know :slight_smile: thanks. I def have a bit of interest in seeing how the event happens… I followed the stromlo round last year (accidentally to begin with) and just did the stages after the official entrants did… it looked like good fun.

There’s definitely a Vic series. Former FOA user Markee has gotten super into it.

Nice! Thanks Nick. I was thinking about the Falls round if we are in the area anyway.
Saw the tickets to CG fun day are only $200 now, which much more enticing.

Who pays this??

arguably if you’ve spent 9K+ on your shiny endure-bro rig this is peanuts.

probably less than the cost of a fresh set of fluoro pyjamas for the day.

Ourimbah is awesome, love the riding there. Hit me up when you go.

Hey I’m still here! :smiley:

Oh and the Alpine Gravity series is about to wind up next weekend (the long weekend) with a free ride day on Monday if you enter the event at Barjarg for $80 with an MTBA license already in hand. Day license available.
Different format for this round with two trails being raced twice each and elite men doing an extra 5th stage so we, mere mortals can marvel in their speed and prowess! Also $1000 to the winner of the round so they better put on a show!
Very much looking to cap off my first full season of racing, albeit missing Baw Baw with concussion from a practice day with a good showing and hopefully into the top 5 overall in Masters.
(pic for attention - haha)


Also - it’s been great seeing you get super into the racing.