English bike with integrated Di2

Pretty sweet.

USB charging port:

control box in stem:

And for the WW amongst us, 6.8kg with steel frame/fork/stem. Not too shabby.
more here

Very very nice…
I’ve always loved those orginal steel Sweet Parts cranks

Nothing but respect for Rob. Super strong HPV / TT rider and very talented builder of frames and parts. Saw some of his bikes at Bike Friday, amazement.

His WW build in steel is more impressive than any carbon rig.

^if my memory serves me right, he built a TT rig that looked amazing with the front end mounted on the fork crown

Yup, check the custom front hub too.

English Cycles

haha Blakey you’re a crack up mate

How the hell did he make it 6.8kg with steel frame and fork?? Columbus Spirit or better?

I don’t know the front end is a bit butters the rest is nice, I think a matching edge/ enve fork would look good.

Well, how about this then:
“Alex Singer expanded his reputation for excellence by winning the 1946 Technical Trials with perhaps the lightest cyclotouring bike ever built, a machine that weighed just shy of 7 kg (15.4 lbs.) fully equipped with fenders, lights (including a battery-powered standlight), racks, even the pump, but weighed without tires (lightweight tires were difficult to find just after the war).”

Steel everything and doesn’t afraid.

check out the folding frames.

chairman kaga all the way

Is that a threadless headset with the fork clamping on to the steerer rather than the stem?
If it is that’s crazy innovative

It looks as if the stem and steerer tube is made as one piece to house the contol box and associated parts, which then clamps at the fork crown… if so, that is a REALLY nice touch and yes, crazy innovative!

This bike is fucking amazing

His website is shit (but it get’s the job done). His bikes are fucking rad and I want one.

Very rarely, I see a new product and think “that’s exactly what I want”. That English road bike is exactly what I want — but in bright red.

I really like what Rob English has done with the Di2 indicator/control box (see English Cycles’ Di2 - Het Fairwheel Podium | Het Fairwheel Podium for the same bike in light blue, but with more details — see English Cycles for the ‘English Cycles’ website) and the ultra clean wire-less look.

Being a custom build, there are no details available on the web as to the cost. I suspect that “if you have to ask, then you can’t afford it”. Maybe when I win Lotto :).