eno eccentric hubs

Hey guys,

i’ve been asked by a friend wanting to do a conversion, whether or not these hubs are any good.


they seem alright for a s/s but does anyone know what they are like or had any experience with them fixed.

I personally would be more inclined to not use them and just find another frame etc.

Anyways cheers, in advance.

I’ve never used them myself but there has been a few posts on them before (try doing a search). Sounds like there a good idea if you’ve got a really nice frame that your attached to and want to fix. Don’t think anyone has had any troubles running them fixed but I’d stay well clear of the new ones that have the splined interface for the cog.

Definative have had the 135mm (mtb) ones on special for awhile, only $125.

Used to sponser this site too, mabe will again…?

Great quality hubs that can be easily converted between eccentric and straight axle. Different sized axle ends available to match your frame spacing. Standard sized bearings that are cheap and easily available.

I’ve got two. They’re excellent.

Wheel for life! I wanna try one of those 6-bolt cogs on mine…

I’ve only got one…it’s excellent too.

I reckon it’s a nicer unit than my Chris king hubs.

Trying to get hold of a straight axle and an MI5 front hub to go with - does anybody know what’s going on with Definitive? No return of email or phone call for several weeks.

cheers guys,

i’ll pass the ‘thumbs up’ on

I got a frame off them. I paid for it last week and it got to me on thursday just gone.