Entire Surly Mantra Tattoo

Why would someone do this?


Grow a beard? Fuck knows…

Why would someone do this?

I’m pretty sure about 2/3 of the internet is devoted to regrettable tattoo pictures.

Actually, it’s mostly devoted to porn … don’t ask me how I know.

and two thirds is being conservative

a - porn
b- regrettable tattoos
c- common interest areas.

JAMS- where’s JAMS to comment on this…

free bike?

YOu’d want a lifetime supply.

Who looks at guys backs anyway?
Other guys? In a nude, sweaty, homosexual encounter then yeah, ofcourse.
Women? Maybe his lovely wife, idk. I’m gonna draw a dick on my back and see how many days I can get through without my gf noticing.

just quietly… fake.

pudgy bastard is packin a few rolls around the midriff too.

Pics or it didn’t happen…

If it wasn’t for porn, there would be no internet.

I love you !!

typical surly single speeder!

So apparently it’s hard to draw on your own back…?

finally, someone with tattoos worse than mine.

not worse than mine unfortunately