Eoi Mission workshop group order

Is anyone one interested in doing a group sydney order from Mission workshop? I’m looking to get one of their backpacks for this wet weather and they do $60 flatrate shipping so I thought i would see if anyone else is interested.

Get them from Saint Cloud here in Melbourne shipping will be way cheaper!

With our dollar so high inter web buying is a no brainer

Literally only a few dollars more to buy from an australian store plus cheaper shipping within AUS. Thats a no brainer.


zAC you are the biggest web buyer out there. -1

ahhh well if I brought the said bag from gypsy then given I don’t live in QL it would still be interweb shopping H

I’d rather buy stuff here in 'stralia but I’m not happy to pay twice the global RRP price for the privlage that’s all H :wink: that’s the no brainer

for interweb buying I follow one simple rule.

if its >30% cheaper, I buy online.

If you can afford anything from that site, you’re selling drugs.