Eoi - ride to acbs

Australian custom bicycle show is December 1-2 in Melbourne. Thought it might time for another interstate ride.
Would anyone else be keen on riding maybe Adelaide to Melbourne or Sydney to Melboune via he coast roads? Australian handmade steel bike preferred and arriving in Melburn for the acbs event.

I’d be in on this like a pig on shit, if I didn’t have to haul all my stuff down for the show

May be I’ll check dates I’m going to be down there around then

bonus incentive, the FOA Show n Shine will be on December 1st from 5pm - 9pm in North Melbourne.

timed to start as andy’s event finishes, so make your way over for more bike pron and a beer or two

DO IT :slight_smile:

How do I ride 7 bikes down though.

6 mates?

If only I had that many.

That is awesome Rolly! Going to be the best weekend

yeah, we figured that the bonus of having out of towners come join us was the biggest incentive for running the event on the same weekend, and also as an evening event.

can’t wait :slight_smile:

sweet, i could ride the kotzur pursuit track… would prefer adelaide to melbs.

pretty sure i’d need a walking stick with my hunch back of notredame after the ride.

Still tossing up options for this. I really want to ride the reverse of Joy Ride from sydney. Sydney > Canberra > south through snowy mountain highway > Lakes entrance > around to Melburn.

Are you highhhh???