Ergon GS1

Item: Ergon GS1 grip (the lighter one with no barend)
How long used: 10 months
Where used: Lots of singletrack, nothing longer than 3 hours
What similar product have you used: Jet black foamy, ESI chunky, oury, ritchey WCS foam.

I really like the review section but can’t think of many things that I’d be happy to write up about. But these grips have been around a while and I thought that since theyre pretty exy and probably interesting some people, a review might be worthwhile to help people decide whether or not give em a go.

For starters, my favourite grip used to be the Jet Black foamy. I really like its sharp edges and how the foam feels kind of moist (I only use that word cos i cant think of another… i’m aware that a lot of people hate it) compared to the ritcheys that feel a lot drier. I think ESI chunkys are still too thin and hard, and Ourys are kind of fine but a bit vague feeling, too squirmy. So keep that in mind when reading this review, I like couches for grips, but not ones that wiggle and flex.

I first saw people riding fast with these in US last year, but i guess Kalentieva has used them for ages? Maybe not. Maybe she likes their multi tools. But anyway, til this time last year, I thought these things were heavy and for old people.

So, after seeing friends use them and playing around on a bike with some, I got a set and put them on my unit. It took two or three rides on varying terrain (really the steepness of downhill encountered is the variation youre looking for here) to get the angle right. When i look at a bike with these on, I alwasys think theyre set up facing too far forward, but thats just how they work best.

What I like:
Theyre tough. I’ve crashed a bit on mine and they are looking good.
They are WAY more comfortable than any other grip i’ve tried. I rode them rigid before going suspension, and i think if you ride rigid, have a 2.4" front tire and still want more protection for your hands, you should give em a go.
With a suspension fork, the feeling is superb, not only comfortable but the grip is super. So much surface area, and the rubber is super duper grippy.
Another biggy is that it also lets your grip sit on a bit of an angle in relation to the bar, like adding maybe a 2 or 3 degree bend or something.
Finally, one of the best things about them is that, like all lock-ons, they stay in palce when you want them to, and get out of the way very easily when you want to change bars, install gearshifters, etc. Thats pretty important to me as someone who usually cant even be bothered washing a bike until it ceases to function.

What I don’t like:
On a course with REALLY steep and rocky downhill, I sometimes feel terrified that i’m going to be flung off the front of the grip… which is not an insignificant issue… that said, it hasnt happened.
They look kind of dicky to me, still.
They wear very quickly if you don’t wear gloves.
They’re heavier than foam grips.

Overall, awesome if you dont mind how your bike looks. Probably not worth it if you are going for a super clean look. A lot of tour divide guys use these or the ones with barends integrated and i can see why. i’ve not taken them long at all, but i’ve never even had a smidgeon of a sore hanf or wrist after riding and making mistakes that usually mean battered palms.
I think you can get yourself a pair for $50 or so.
Read about em here ERGON BIKE ERGONOMICS

Good review - I agree with everthing you have said - especially the bit about running rigid.

I have loved my Ourys for years. Soft, large, but you are correct, they squirm.
I might give these a try on my rigid.

great review, I put a set of Specialized lock-on ergo grips on my Waltworks (steel rigid) and it made a HUGE difference in comfort. Interested in Ergon’s for long grinds and bike-packing trips as I’m sure they would be even better.

On Sunday I spent 5 hours on the trail with Aeons. Half way down the steep, loose descent down Mt Coree we both had to stop because our hands were shattered.
Tonight I had a feel of the Ergon biocork grips on a mate’s bike and I was instantly sold. Ordering a pair from wiggle now.

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