Eric Hendren - Reynolds 653 Roadie

So my original plan was to put a modern groupset on this but after reading up on 653 I found out that respacing the rear drop outs would be a bad idea. I prefer brifters so to make it more usable (for me) sourced and installed some RSX brifters in order to use the 105 7 speed drivetrain.

Pretty happy with the result of the strip down and rebuild. Needs some fine tuning but it won’t be my every day ride so no rush.

59cm Reynolds 653 Frame.
Full Shimano 105 7 Speed with RSX brifters. (Cranks and FD NOS).
Cinelli Giro d’Italia bars.
3TTT stem.
Stronglight headset.
One Ambrosio, one unknown rim.
Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyre.
Generic seatpost with Charge Spoon saddle.
Campagnolo / Look pedals.

That paint is killer nice build.

Love that this was taken in the Great Court at UQ. Can look up the serial # if you like - still got EH’s order book from ca. 1978 on. Have also photographed all the pages here.

Yeah live just down the road from UQ. Will make a note of the serial number this evening, thanks.

Cheers for the comment Dayne, the paint sealed the deal for me!

That’s super nice. Love the 7 speed 105 Sti.
653 is super sweet.

I was going to ask - what is 653 like? why is it super sweet?

That’s one sexy build.

The paint is killer.

Serial number is 1478 which interestingly seems to be labelled as a Columbus SLX frame. However, there seems to be some crossing out and the adjacent frame is 653. Either way that serial number is amongst a whole host of 653 frames so I have no doubt that is what it is.

I’ve not had a chance to take the bike on a decent spin yet but will let you know my thoughts on 653!

It’s light, fairly stiff, but still pretty comfy. My ken pursuit is 653, so comfy is obviously relative. Mostly it’s just really light.

Really nice build well done


Liking this a lot!

From what I’ve been able to scour on the internetz 653 tubing is thinner and therefore lighter than 531, yet stronger due to better alloying and/or heat treatments. It has been discontinued because it cannot be tig welded, 631 would appear to have replaced it. According to Reynolds website 631 is 10% stronger than 531.

Interestingly Reynolds claims that 953 has a better strength to weight ratio than titanium.