Euro Sport Roady B Hayes

‘Euro Sport’ AIS team frame, Columbus EL steel tubing, Campagnolo Equipped | eBay

I rate Brian Hayes as one of the best, but I reckon the seller is dreaming at that price.

Maybe a couple of years ago. but he’s dreaming now.

I dunno, it’s pretty freakin nice. Reckon it will sell and exceed the starting price.

In this market? Naw.

His dream extends to believing that his part of Adelaide is Paradise.

If it was built for, delivered to and ridden by Brett Aitken, I dare say it has already lived three lives of FOA rated frame-pain.

if this sells for the asking price i will kiss zoltan on the cheek

I may just buy this then. A bike and a kiss for $1350. Bargain!

These frames are rare as shit, beautiful craftmanship and it looks clean with campy group, worth it.

Are you feeling sexy today, Alex?

Yeh: pucker up buttercup.

every day! wheres zolt…

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