Euro track on

I would be all over this if it were 2cm bigger. Maybe its my eyes but it looks to be MAX as well…

Buy Euro Sport Track Bike in SA - BikeExchange

Damn. Very nice indeed.

Holy shit. My size. Oh god.

Why have i just purchased everything for my next build,

Someone snap this up fast. paint is perfect.

Nice find!


Don’t tell Andy TC about it… lol

Is it me, or does it look really big for a 55cm seat tube?

i raced against this guy a few weeks ago

the frame is absolutely mint as he never uses it

obviously ex ais/national team with the green/gold highlights but didnt know any other history

the build was a bit odd with external bearting ultegra cranks, weird carbon wheels etc

i was a bit distraught but also relieved that it was slightly too big for me

my mate VM snapped this up a last friday, he is very happy with his purchase! i might just demand a spotters fee from him…

this purchase does mean he might be selling his 56cm square bundy track, PM me if you are interested and i can put you in touch.

I think anyone would be very happy with this purchase, great find and by the looks of it, Quick of the mark.

Would love to see it in the flesh.

hopefully you’ll see it at DISC in the next couple of weeks…

what size is it in reality? the guy selling it didnt really seem all that clued up when i spoke to him. looked like a 56 tt?

very pleasing that it will be used to ride on the track

being picked up by courier today so yet to see it in flesh. hopefully for my mate it is as listed (55 seat, 56 top iirc - listing has been removed) as this is a perfect fit.

in my mate’s opinion the guy seemed pretty knowledgeable over the phone and as you mention above the euro has seen minimal use.

fingers crossed it all works out or i might lose my spotters fee! and yes, it will exclusively be for the velodrome.

no marks on the dropouts… its mint

nice buying! very envious, but it was too big for me anyhow. one day i will have a euro!
look forward to seeing it down at the DISC.

I would have bought this if it had a matching road bike :wink:

Another nice Euro sold on the spot down at DISC a few weeks ago, guy from Adelaide wheeled it in with FOR SALE bit of paper taped to it, as I was inspecting it anther guy bought it… Nice red sparkle with dark red stars, Columbus SLX, Superbe Pro cranks and Superbe Pro wheelset - all for $650, I should have been quicker…

whoever now owns it I’d love to get photos. email me -