yeah noticed that one. i really like it. there was an identical complete track bike listed in the trading post at $750 (sold) not so long ago.

Frickin’ nice.

I’m pretty sure its the same one,

Maybe Roger “on here’” might give you a good deal

It is the same one guys. And yes, I am open to offers. There are quite a few people watching but no offers yet. It is as nice as it looks.

Hi Roger,

What length is the top tube? and how long is the head tube?

700c fork?

Hi, top tube is 58cm ctc. Head tube, will have to wait until tonight. It does have a sloping top tube so the head tube is small. The wheels are both 700c


Head tube is 127mm.

Sale pending

sold to a forum member :slight_smile: With a queue lining up behind him!