Evans leaves lotto

. . .

There was something I read a little while ago about him having to buy out of his lotlo contract and him not wanting to pay as the reason for him not leaving sooner… (could be BS)

In any case, about fucken time. Hope he chooses well.

Might just be in with a chance now.

how long till he is linked with team armstrong?
everyone else is

Best decision he’s made! Good on ya Cadel.

GOod on him, any word on which team he’s gonna ride with?

I’ve read reports saying that Garmin Slipstream, Caisse d’Epargne, Quick Step and Team Sky could all be interested. It’d be nice to see him getting a bit of support finally

those teams sound like the same as for Alberto I hope he gets a team that will be good for him like garmin or sky

I was kind of surprised that Sky might be going after him considering that their aim is to get a British winner of the Tour de France within 5 years

just read that he is going to BMC to join Ballan, Burghardt, and big George.

BMC it is. A better fit for his personality and nationality than a continental team. Wildcards to grand tours shouldn’t be a problem with the big names signed


Seems like its win-win

Yep I just got the official press release sent.
3 yr contract.


Good luck to him.
I might get one of the jerseys now. Never liked the Lotto jerseys. Don’t know why.
They better get an invite to the tour or it’ll be a joke. Didn’t the director work for ASO - should go some way.

when is cadel making an in store appearance at melbournes number one BMC dealer?

mmmm… No number 1 here.
We have been told to keep a couple of dates open in January however.


Wow, BMC Racing have also signed Alessandro Ballan, George Hincapie and a stack of european riders. I don’t think it’s going to be too hard for them to get wild card entry to any of the grand tours.