Events on in Perth , who thinks we need some more ??????

Festival of Cycling in the Swan Valley 26 June 2011

trade show 1030 am at the SPEEDOME

Festival of cycling? pretty sure its just another cyclo sportif event. And the trade show is in conjunction with the Winter Gran Prix.

there’s heaps, just lurk fb moar.

well im not too facebook savvy so that doesnt work for some , where do they have the CX around perth ? wouldn t mind havin a look,

Don’t know much about events but there’s a group ride tmr morning starting from the State Library in Northbridge. Route is sitll TBD but aiming for 100 to 120 km return. 9am if anyone’s keen! Just a small handful of people so far.

Any one up for a sunday session ride this sunday 19th scarb-cott-northfreo-southfreo, 10/11am start

are you on bike jam on facebook? i’d normally be keen but not this sunday

na whats bike jam about ?

Who is quiver??

your bawws!!

bike jam is indescribable via mere words… just like the essence of life

Fuckin Marty HA

hey HLC , do you organise bike-crawls , is that the beers and gears gig ?

Nah I don’t organize shit lol just attend. I made the logo ha ha

Yeah beers instead of gears is what we run by. Most of our events are posted on the bike jam group on facebook or our tumblr blog. Just google ‘beers instead of gears’ and find the tumblr link. I’m actually in syd ATM on holidays but am back next week so the will no doubt be some rides organized to get my fatass back into shape after 2.5 weeks of eating shit and drinking excessively.

will keep an eye out , thanks mate

any rides on in perth this weekend or next ???

There is one on the 17th or 18th it’s a Sunday. There will be a Wednesday night ride this week. Some of us will probably go for a spin this weekend but it’ll no doubt be impromptu and cas.


you on that bikejam thing mate? im flying back tomorrow night for r&r so no doubt they’ll be some riding this weekend if your keen, although its apparently thundering this weekend? fml

Ride anyway!!!

Bike swap meet on 28th Jan
Some lame movie ride on tomorrow night.
2 alleycats in feb.