Everest on a single speed

Looks like a geared bike, non drive side pic and no bar tape…

Aydin Irmak Rides His Single Speed to Everest’s Summit | Mount Everest | OutsideOnline.com

looks like a hobo with a hard rubbish find trying to get his name in the paper?

Completely inexperienced fucktard tries to climb Everest while hauling a bike on his back. Even experienced climbers die on Everest. I like to think the authorities are doing him a favour by denying permits, if this is what’s even happening. I reckon he’s probably mentally ill…

Fuck it if he wants to die trying let him (not saying he will definitely)
At least he’s grabbed something by the balls and gone for it.
You gotta give the guy some credit to earn $20,000 while being a bum and to throw it at an adventure rather than toward the american dream.

fucking ridiculous story…not sure if real

Irmak stormed into the office of the bureaucrat he’d been working with. “I opened the door like John Wayne,” says Irmak. “He said, ‘Out.’ I sat down.” Irmak says he grabbed a hold of the bureaucrat, pushed him down into his seat, and pounded the table and asked, ‘Who the fuck are you to tell me I don’t go?’ I told him I’d go get gas and burn myself."

i concur. that, or he’s an arsehole.

There was a follow up in the same mag: he apparently made it to the top, sans bike.

good for him, why in the fuck would you wanna take a bike up there anyway?! what a PITA

Cos mentally ill.


He had to be helped down.

Four Confirmed Dead in Two Days on Everest and Lhotse - Page 1 | Mount Everest | OutsideOnline.com

I think that’s going over the line, for some guy to do something different he quickly gets labelled insane or mentally ill.
it’s disrespectful for those who know mentally ill peepz.

And even if he is missing a few cogs upstairs, i’d say most modern ultra cool internet savy cunsumer Mc Donald eating cvnts have more screws loose to be content with what they call a life.


Whatever! Next month I’m gonna ride a uni cycle with a paddle tyre accross Bass Straight with Afgan midget siamese twin strippers on my shoulders to raise awearness for migrant exploitation. Amature…

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Dumb question but at what point can you actually ride to, like the base camp only?? And then you have another 2500 metres to the summit with bike on back, okay very weird idea mate.

I think they prefer “little-people conjoined-twin exotic entertainers”

I’m not a smart man, but I can lift heavy things.

That photo of ‘the line’ to get up Everest is ridiculous.

Talk about fucking madness:

Temba and Dawa Dendi rigged up a rescue rope and attempted to lower her down the Triangular Face, the last major slope before descending climbers reach the safety of Camp IV, at 7,900 meters on the South Col. But at 10 p.m, still with climbers behind her, she collapsed a few meters away from the body of guide Scott Fischer, who died during the Everest 1996 disaster. Her Sherpas couldn’t revive her. Dawa Dendi took the camera from Shah’s pocket—the same one she’d used to record her summit photos only hours before. The following day, he returned and photographed her body. Only a few eerie frames separate the triumphant summit photos and the crumpled figure draped in a Canadian flag.

UNFORTUNATELY, SHAH’S WASN’T the only death on the mountain. In all, over the course of the last several days, four climbers, possibly five, have died. Chinese Ha Wenyi, 55, who was climbing with Mountain Experience was found dead just below Shah on the Triangular face. German doctor Eberhard Schaaf, climbing with Asian Trekking, likely succumbed to high-altitude cerebral edema and died between the Hillary Step and South Summit. Both their bodies, along with Shah’s, have been roughly identified based on the colors of their suits, boots, and packs.

Then there’s the still unraveling case of Korean Song Wonbin. On May 19th, the 45-year-old from the Seoul National University team became combative and disoriented (eating snow). According to several credible reports, he likely fell over the edge of the mountain.

i’m guessing not many, if any, of us have been to everest. but is it true that the mountain is littered with empty oxygen bottles and other trash?