So The Age is onto it

Not sure which is crazier…8 times up Buffalo in a day or 328 times up Anderson St?

i love that the story was in the ‘executive style’ section…

LOL yes.

All the non-militant cycling articles are in the Exec section. 9000m? I’m looking at 900 trips up one road near me. Pass.

all i could think of during this article was A. Bird riding up Ruckus Hill 450 times.

Mt Cootha and Mt Gravatt in Brisbane have both been done.

Yeah coot tha was done years ago.


“Very demanding challenge but a very nice experience”

He is the GOAT.

Sensations much have been good

Back of envelope calculation suggests to Everest the Kew Boulie in 7.5hrs you’d need to do an out and back lap in 9 minutes.

wot is this in relation to swuzzle

did not berti do it to it in under 7.5hrs?

Yer 7.5 is roughly the record.
I was wondering if an undulating segment like Kew Boulie might have enough vert gain and could be done at high enough speed.
Alas nowhere near it.

everlasting should be illegal (Bertie excepted)

Sorry guys
The King is dead. Long live the King.

The Everesting record recently set by Alberto Contador has just been toppled by Irish cyclist Ronan McLaughlin. McLaughlin’s time of 7:04:41 – which has been confirmed by Hells 500, the Australian group that administers Everesting – is a substantial leap forward, breaking Contador’s mark by more than 20 minutes


Got hungry and chewed his bars?

this is the collab of UK/Irish hill climbing culture and Everlasting. Arguably quite cursed.

Pretty interesting article on Ronan’s bike: https://cyclingtips.com/2020/08/6-2-kg-three-gears-and-cut-off-drops-the-bike-used-for-the-everesting-record/

I’m about as far from a weight weenie as you can get, but I kind of admire the DIY approach he took to shaving off the grams.

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At first glance it looks like something you’ll see in the muppet setups thread…

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