Everfresh Halloween Videos.

Found these videos on the net. Some of the boys from here… pip?


Theived off http://kompound.blogspot.com

some strong arguments there. frankly it looks like there wasn’t nearly enough truncheon use

What’s going on here exactly?

ten different kinds of awesomeness, horatio.

when the crowd starts chanting “wu-tang!” i get goosebumps.

Is there a cliff at the end of that street :? :stuck_out_tongue:

man I just started chanting it in my room! and then my housemate in the next room started!

Looks pretty epic, cops were off it.

Makes me wanna party with Pip.

some dude: “You guys are fucking gangsters man”
cop: “Thank you”


serious WTF moment :smiley:

If I was a cop and had a taser… :evil: :evil:

you’d stay at home with it hooked up to your nipples?

don’t taze me bro

Does any one know if pip n co have actually seen these videos???

when it says everfresh does this refer the phibs, megs? street artists? apart fromt hat. very entertaining vid. pip! great

yes, the party started there, where shifter is

Yep, they have their studio there.

aaaaaah fuck, what a night.

i heard a lot of things that night that made me lose faith in the police.

but lesson learnt,

don’t get drunk and ark up to cops.