Everyday I'm hustlein'

This is so epic I thought it deserved its own thread. I suppose the asian dude had beef so the fixie rider brought the rukus :-o

OK, I’ll bite.

Do we really think U-Lock whipping a crazy old man about the face (and then going back for a second crack) is “bringin’ the ruckus”??

Looks more like “aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm” to me (but I don’t get out much)…

Bike Snob took the controversial side and condemned the rider…that guy’s got balls

it’s sorta hard to pass judgment either way given noone knows what started the argument, and noone knows who threw the first cos it happened around the corner while the cameraman was too busy being a chickenshit.

but yeah, smacking someone about the skull 4 times with a lock seems a bit OTT

if this guy wasn’t on a bike and clocked someone upside the head with a brick he’d be labelled a cunt.

Yeah true, not on at all. Throw some fists if you really have to. Ride away and hurl abuse if you’re smarter. Maybe the whole ‘U-lock Justice’ mentality has been taken a little too far?

The cyclist is a cunt. I hope he goes to gaol where his toned cycling buttocks will be appreciated.

That’s a bitch move straight up.

The loser on the bike started the fight anyway, he had a chance to ride away but instead you see him stop, get off his bike and start arguing.
Didn’t look like the Asian dude was instigating a fight either, you see him yelling and point at something…doesn’t look like an attack at all. The more people see this will just confirm the popular opinion that cyclists are ‘reckless’ dickheads.

thats old school :slight_smile:

That guy on the bike is a fuckwit, i hope he gets hit by a car. That lock over the head made some serious noise, poor asian guy.

What a fucking pussy. Clearly not a messenger or he would have scared off the asian dude with his horrendously scarred and puss filled elbows and knees from years of getting run over by cars. Instead he grabbed his d lock and started smashing an old man in the head. If only he was like some karate master or some shit like that.

You mean someone like this…

That make my fucking blood boil.
What a dick head! rule of thumb old enough to be your grand dad= do not hit, let alone with the wimpiest form of of a fight hitting with a u lock. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

that was fucked up :-o
poor dude