Evolution Lopro

road bike frame With Matching 1" Steerer Fork - Columbus Tubing | eBay

This geared with risers… maybe a tri-spoke front.


Sorry, defienitely with a tri-spoke front wheel.

turn it into a HLC-inspired street whip with risorz and trispoke.

one built up on gumtree atm. thinking about going for this frameset, always wanted a tt bike.

Any guesses on the size?

awaiting response from the seller.

Does he not have 5 or so other Evolutions for sale aswell?

looks like 3 other roadies, might have a crack at one.

no one’s going after his bar?? Shame…

so are these actually Paul Evans evolution frame? cant say ive seen too many alu ones, just the steel.

wow…no one bid?

the only one that sold was the one i considered, the black roadie.