Evolution Roadie Geelong

looks sweet,wish i had the need, no front wheel

decent parts to pick off…is evolution a good frame though?

nah. you should buy it, use the parts, then give the frame to me. my cat could use it.

Heard of Malvernstar

dude, shut up!

A 600 group sold for $300 so he could afford to just give u the frame.

thanks D! I knew you were a good person.


a ken evolution?

this would be nice, those are polished lugs/fork crown up front? is it a 56?

ok fuck it i’m having a crack

got some further pics from seller. looks nice enough, but chrome appears to be bubbling in parts.

if anyone wants further pics, pm me.

Yeah PMd… Might have a crack. near where I used to live.

good buying, anyone on here get it?

Nope. Watched but couldn’t be bothered making the trip, wallet felt to scant…

mine! bit more than i was hoping for but still happy, my mum is visiting family down that way now also, so hopefully it’ll be back this way quick smart!

i got the seller to send me some extra pics and its real nice, all fancy paint and chrome lugs, also that funny crimped tubing and columbus drop outs, cinelli bar and stem etc

so yep at 250 or whatever it was certainly a good purchase!

good buyin son, well done! bargain to boot!

cheers, so dubrat informed me it could be crimped SL tubing?